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Other Party has not satisfied his obligations towards the Supplier then the Supplier has the right to retain all goods in his possession which have come from the Other Party or have come on behalf of the Other. Have a barbecue steak dinner (steaks are raw). I like to learn new stuff. Possible risks of which the goods or products are subjected to from delivery and during transport will be accounted for by the other party. This so-called delay interest rate of 1 per month is a minimum rate and if this rate, when calculated on a yearly basis, is at any time less than 5 more than the officially applicable interest rate in Belgium then it will be automatically increased.

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If the Supplier does not receive a payment due from the Other Party on time then, beginning from the day on which the payment should have been made, the Other Party will automatically be charged interest at a rate of one and a half (1. A shorter variant of the pizza dinner ideal date start. Other Party : anyone who enters into an agreement with the Supplier or who consults the Supplier about entering an agreement. In cases where a delivery time or term is exceeded excessively the parties must consult with each other. All disputes to which these Conditions are applicable will be settled by the District Court of Turnhout. The Dutch Law is applicable to all offers, agreements, deliveries and services produced or brought out, entered into, performed or executed by or on behalf of the Supplier. . This also demonstrates a little easter egg I threw in to show the steaks cooking on the grill. The game is really easy after that). Unless agreed otherwise payment, net cash, must be made on delivery or within fourteen (14) days of the invoice date via a deposit or funds transfer into the bank or giro account indicated by the Supplier.