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taken by many other stations, which had begun launching "oldies" format stations on their former AM frequencies. Regular news, sport and business bulletins were broadcast, as well as lifestyle, celebrity and comedy features. 2 In July 2015, Bauer submitted a formal request to ofcom to swap Radio City 2's format and frequencies with that of Radio City Talk. The station's local presenters are Simon Ross (weekday breakfast Rick Houghton (weekday drivetime, Sunday mornings Claire Simmo (Saturday breakfast, weekday travel) and Pete Price (Sunday to Thursday nights). Networked programming originates from stations including Key 2 in Manchester, Clyde 2 in Clydebank and Metro 2 Radio in Newcastle. Filming Locations: Radio City Music Hall - 1260 6th Avenue, Rockefeller Center, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA. 3 Bauer was also told that the simulcasting of Magic 1548 content onto the City Talk frequency would not be permitted, but that some programming elements could be shared with Radio City. The station is owned operated. Second format (June 20) edit In March 2009, Ofcom published a request from Bauer Radio to change the format of City Talk.

Radiocity dating
radiocity dating

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In December 2001, emap decided that it was more economical for the Magic network to share off-peak programmes and in line with the other Magic AM stations began networking between 10am-2pm, 7pm-10am, and then 2am-6am (because of Pete Price 's phone-in, which switched stations. 1 In the past, the station has been telephoned from the island of Anglesey. Radio City Talk has made a number of changes to its format during its history. Originally it was known as " 1548 City Talk this service existed between 19 originally between 07 on weekdays. 6 Radio City Talk relaunched with a full schedule of live shows on weekdays, presented by Steve Hothersall ( The Big Kick Off Mick Coyle ( Liverpool Live ) and Adam Caterall ( Full Time ) and the Pete Price 'Late Night City' Show being. On weekdays, non-peak output during daytime hours would be mixed speech and soft pop-led music. Radio City Tower in Liverpool city centre. The company proposed reformating City Talk as a rock music station incorporating local news and sports coverage on Radio City 2's current AM frequency of 1548.

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