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princeton University ; Geoffrey moves back to England to be with his son; Philip, Vivian and. Will Smith, fish online dating James Avery, Alfonso Ribeiro, Tatyana Ali, and, joseph Marcell appear in all episodes. Ross Bagley was absent for eight episodes. Miles Quaritch in, avatar.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air entitled "Bullets Over Bel-Air.". Will gets shot- Fresh Prince, the Shooter is the main antagonist of the Season 5 episode. This event was so traumatizing to Carlton, he bought himself a gun as a means of protecting himself, and it is also heavily implied that he wanted to go and seek revenge. Will reminds him of his life debt to him, and talks him into giving him the gun. The episode started with the Banks about to go on a camping trip. He's alive, however, the bullet was significantly close to his spinal cord and it most likely would've shattered.

DJ Jazzy Jeff appears in five episodes this season. In the series finale, the main characters all move out of the Banks Mansion to move on with their lives. Nicky move to New York to be closer to the rest of the family; and. To honor Will's dope couture game we decided to make it more than just about the kicks and break down the kid from Bel-Air's finest moments. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air premiered on September 18, 1995, and aired its final episodes on May 20, 1996. The thief shot Will and after he assumed that Carlton had a gun in his pocket, he ran away.

prinz von bel air carlton online dating

Carlton and Hilary try to find a match in online dating and end up being matched with each other.
The Shooter is the main antagonist of the Season 5 episode of The Fresh Prince.
Air entitled Bullets Over, bel.
He was portrayed by an uncredited Stephen Lang, who played Miles Quaritch in Avatar.

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