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be able to steer Willow from the temptation of drugs, sex, and alcohol that befalls the majority of young celebs, but lets be honest the numbers are against her. To be clear, there are no free meals in the Smith household all the kids collect their own checks. Regardless of the cute fantasy of a quirky and eccentric kid who just happened upon a career, Willow is a part of a well-oiled marketing machine and backed by three of the biggest names in pop culture.

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Oh, youre here for the summer? We hold hands for too long. But were still stunned that theyre allowing Willow to get so close to a grown man. These arent spoiled brat kids, this is a family who realizes that as much as they have, they also have responsibility to give back. And watch the stars and the clear skies. Got long hair with them short sides. But its alright, i write you a song, play your guitar. Back to story, october 31, :29 GMT Happy Birthday, Willow Smith! Seashells and palm trees, i call you, you call me, talk all night, mob all day. Online takes a look at what the stars have in store for Willow and for you. Anyway, there is something in the song to make us press the repeat button.

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