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of these leaflets was discovered in Denmark in 1980. It clearly is a one-of-a-kind item since it appears to be typewritten and hand drawn. Public Affairs Office during the Vietnam War if he ever heard of sex leaflets he could only remember one case: The only suggestion I heard in regard to sex propaganda was a new officer assigned to psyop who thought we should drop Make Love, Not. Navy stop using the island for live firing exercises and the Navy is in the process of totally leaving the island. Great with basmati rice or topped cilantro and a dollop of yogurt/raita. The Falling Leaf, Number 132, spring 1991. Depending on the region selected for this document's distribution, we alternated the word Fremdarbeiter with der Italiener or even der Makaroni. After conducting a long psychological profile of Hitler, the group decided he could be unhinged by exposure of vast quantities of pornography. Dont deny yourself the right to be a man.

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Moreover, since at the same time all out white media were laboring hard and patiently to establish the essential honesty and forthrightness of our propaganda, some harm was probably done to the credibility of our white media. The author says in regard to Australian leaflets dropped on the natives of some of the small islands: An officer noted in October 1944 that the natives reaction to leaflets has been practically 100 with the exception of one leaflet which accuses the Japs. How about a nice beauty pageant with girls in bathing suits and the theme of psywar? Lieutenant Colonel David. Your families need you! Signed: The Federation of Fighters on the Front. Translation is extremely difficult, and cannot be made to rhyme in English. Psyop policy Number 70, dated is entitled Use of Sex Appeal in Propaganda Programs and Material. The Soviets were prudes concerning sex and seldom resorted to female nudity in their leaflets. And, if you have taken a military navigation course you know that there are three kinds of map contours, usually supplementary or broken lines for 5 meters, intermediate or regular lines for 20 meters, and index or dark numbered lines every 100 meters. Text on the back says in part: Front line soldiers and officers often lay awake thinking of their dear ones at home especially of their beautiful wives.